About Robin Chilstrom

Robin is a multi-disciplinary artist, vocal improviser and arts educator living in Portland, Oregon.

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Chris and Michael telling the Story of Place

At the spring Gathering of Cascadians we shared in the telling of the history of our region, a Story of Place. Around the circle, storytellers wove this tale.

It all began long ago when molten lava from volcanoes in Idaho covered the region, later cooling to become  Basalt rock thousands of feet thick. 

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Live-Action Storytelling!

Sponsored by a project grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), students at the Community Transitional School in Portland, Oregon collaborated with Storyseed artist Robin Chilstrom to create four unique Earth Stories this spring. Through discussion, research and imaginative play, young students created a story about everyday critters (worm and ladybug), older students invented stories about the Wetland and middle-school kids created a Continue reading

Landfill Orchestra

You may have heard about the Landfill Orchestra.  In a Paraguayan community that is literally a landfill, the power of love and imagination have brought beauty, hope and change to the children of Cateura.  Ingenious community members innovate to create violins, cellos and other instruments from oil drums, scrap wood, cooking utensils, whatever works. Community children then learn to play these instruments with a skill Continue reading