21st Century Folk Tales

21st Century Folk Tales

During Earth Arts NW residencies we collaborate with kids like you to create stories about the natural world.  Filled with lively characters, imaginative adventures and a bit of magic, we call these stories: 21st Century Folk Tales. Check out a few of these stories below.  You can download and read them anywhere and, if you print them, you can add your own details in the fill-in spots and add character and cover illustrations. Go for it!

1st Grade:  The Storm Cave, Three Animal Friends

2nd Grade:  Fire in the Magic Forest, The Animals’ Home

3rd Grade:  Sam and his Wild Adventures, The Three Friends

4th Grade:  The Mysterious Island, Black Hole Island

5th Grade:  The Room of Time, Be careful what you wish for

6th Grade:  Crisis in Yellowstone, Museum of Lessons


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Chris and Michael telling the Story of Place

At the spring Gathering of Cascadians we shared in the telling of the history of our region, a Story of Place. Around the circle, storytellers wove this tale.

It all began long ago when molten lava from volcanoes in Idaho covered the region, later cooling to become  Basalt rock thousands of feet thick. 

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